Sustainable and eco-responsible energy


The Fonroche Energie Group provides smart, innovative solutions and services to meet the energy needs of all key sectors: agriculture (including greenhouses), manufacturing, logistics, services, electric utilities and local authorities. Acting as both investor and developer of photovoltaic projects, we strategically manage the entire value chain in all our segments, translating into the highest of quality solutions for our customers.

We draw on our innovative technology and broad expertise to bring customers the same quality of service and advanced products as deployed at our own facilities. By combining the best photovoltaic modules with the best integration system for each panel or power plant installation, customers are guaranteed optimum energy performance. 

End-to-end approach

Fonroche Energie offers integrated project execution from A to Z: 

  • Project feasibility studies and technical photovoltaic power plant designs carried out by our world-class R&D and design departments
  • Project installation oversight by our dedicated teams, providing industry leading project warranties and strict local code compliances
  • Project financing and financial engineering which ensures our customers receive the highest of returns from their solar investments
  • Grid Interconnection obtainment
  • Remote system monitoring and full-service operations & maintenance.


solar canopies

Solar parking canopies at Nice Airport (France) - Capacity: 1,346 MWp - Jan. 2012 


YEAR 2011 2012 2013 2014
Installed capacity in France 74 MWp 46 MWp 50MWp 55 MWp
Total MWp 104 MWp 160 MWp 250 MWp 280 MWp


Total capacity under development : 350 MWp