Our solar streetlamp

The smart and powerful solar streetlamp

A Complete Range of Off-grid solar Streetlamps


Street lamp


  Featuring an intelligent controller, NiMH battery and high-performance

  LED array, the Illum’in solar streetlamp is fully programmable
  and offers impressive lighting power.

  Its exceptional illumination time makes it one of the best in its class!



  100% solar, not connected to the grid.


  Eligible for government subsidies (in France).

  Easy installation and low maintenance.

  High performance: 

   Advanced technology for high output and long illumination time.

  Built to last:

   Designed to withstand the most extreme climatic conditions.

  Self-adaptive and programmable: 

   Intelligent controller developed by Fonroche.

   Adjusts consumption according to remaining battery

   power and lighting requirements.


   Designed in France and guaranteed for five years.











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