Off-grid solar lighting

Off-grid solar street lamps

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Fonroche’s latest-generation off-grid solar street lamps are the ideal solution for enhancing the streetscape of towns and cities or for minimizing the carbon footprint of public lighting and new urban development projects.

Drawing on its comprehensive expertise in renewable energy, Fonroche has adapted the best existing lighting solutions to develop breakthrough, sustainable, solar powered street lights and products. Designed and manufactured in Roquefort, our Illum’in product line of off-grid solar street lamps are intended for areas with no access to the power grid to provide permanent or temporary intelligent lighting (thanks to relocatable anchors) in public open areas, such as squares, traffic islands, festival sites, parking lots, etc.


 intelligent public lighting

Illum'in range off-grid solar street lamp in Puymirol town hall (France)


The solar lighting alternative


With the development of solar energy, the dream of having a self powered street light became true.

In fact, for many years, FONROCHE customers have been enjoying a 100% reduction in their CO2 emissions and a zero electricity bill from their exterior lighting. For a solar system to be cost effective, the durability of its major components is critical. For instance, a wrong choice of battery can have a major impact on any lighting system’s lifetime and efficiency.
With a dedicated R&D team, and a multi-million investment, FONROCHE has been testing most of the components available on the market.
Our industry leading warranty policy, guarantees light every night without disruption and doesn’t require any maintenance before … 10 years !