Geothermal energy

Geothermal heat : a cost-competitive, renewable energy that is always available!


Geothermal energy systems



Geothermal heat – the heat in the Earth’s core – offers incredible potential. It is a vast, virtually inexhaustible source of energy and one of the most promising solutions to the global energy challenge as we shift away from fossil fuels and nuclear power. Harvesting the globe’s geothermal resources by deep-drilling technology and installations holds the promise of abundant energy for generations to come and of a minimization of our ecological footprint.


Geothermal deep-drilling technology




Thanks to a network of partnerships with leading French research bodies (ENSEGID, UPPA, BRGM and ARMINES) and recognized rig design and borehole drilling firms, Fonroche Géothermie is the only French player in the market of geothermal energy systems to span the entire value chain.




Over 10 geothermal projects under development

€400m projected investments in the geothermal power market between now and 2025