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Capitalize on organic waste and resources – and protect the planet.


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From crop residues to livestock manure and fermentation by-products, sludge, grease, molasses, and household garden and kitchen waste, there is an abundance of organic resources available for waste-to-energy (biogas) production by biogas digesters.


Capitalizing on its broad experience and capacity for innovation, two years ago the Group set up a specialized biogas subsidiary. Fonroche Biogaz deploys a 70-strong field-oriented team of engineers and technicians who pursue a fully integrated approach, handling everything from design and development to implementation, operation and support for biomethanation projects.




France’s leading manufacturer of biogas production plants


Biogas digester and production plants manufacturer

Following a partnership agreement with the Danish company Bigadan, Fonroche Biogaz has established France’s first center of excellence in the biogas segment and is today the leading French supplier of biomethanation units.


Combined with Fonroche’s end-to-end expertise, this agreement enables the International market to benefit from Bigadan’s pioneering, proven codigestion technology that has been the industry benchmark for close to 30 years.


€250m of investments earmarked for upcoming biogas projects

Over 20 biogas projects under development


FONROCHE Biogas Key figures

Fonroche biomethanation project key figures